Subject Re: [firebird-support] Permission denied with qli and isql
Author Ted Miglautsch
Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> On Sun, 08 Jul 2012 23:38:34 +0400, Ted Miglautsch
> <theomigs@... <>>
> wrote:
> > Several different users need to run the commands. There can be as many
> > as 3 users on a system and they each have several databases in their own
> > directory off of their home directory. None of them are firebird and I
> > do not want all of them to be logging in as root.
> Add those users to the firebird group, or make sure all those programs use
> the service manager or tcp/ip connection to attach to the database. The
> problem is now that they try to access the database as a local database
> (which AFAIK means it behaves as a privately owned classic server
> process),
> but can't get it to work as they don't have access to shared resources
> like
> the lockfiles.
Accessing the databases through the tcp/ip connection is way too slow.
Their programs read and write billions of records as quickly as
possible. I was disappointed when IB eliminated the shared memory
connection to the database engine. It was faster than the pipe
connection. The tcp/ip connection is even slower.

I tried adding the users to the firebird group but still the same
"Permission denied" error. I tried having the database owned by either
the user and firebird. It did not matter. I remember that with IB 2007
the user no longer owned the database. It was root.