Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: The worst day i can have with firebird
Author Jesús García
El 07/07/2012, a las 14:37, "hvlad" <hvlad@...> escribió:
> > After that crash, I see in the log page 1296554, page type 4 lock
> > conversion denied (215), and don'n know what to do with this errors.
> >
> > Another problem is that transactions_id jumps, 20000, and 30000 in one
> > minute.
> This is your starting point - find why it "jumps", fix it and you'll never
> see "lock conversion denied" errors like above.
I have found the source of the "jumps", and I hope there is only one source. Once fixed, I hope the errors will disappear.

Do you recommend to increment the hashslots also?

Regards, Jesús

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