Subject Re: Query a table within its trigger
Author hanszorn2000
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> If you have a row in a table that depends on values in other rows in the same table then you have a serious flaw in your relational design. Move that column or set into another table.

That's an interesting point you are making. I have thought of that, but am not sure how to improve it. I can create a LOCATION table that holds all (possible) locations and the key to the article (and removing the location from the article table of course). Maybe that would be more 'relational', but it would not solve the problem that the ARTICLE table must be queried (in a join with LOCATION) inside the trigger. Or do you see another solution?

And apart from this theoretical objection, is there a reason for Firebird to not correctly handle this?