Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: gbak -c error of "size specificatation"
Author Norman Dunbar
Evening Kelly,

> thanks for the quick replies.
> the .fbk file is in a folder without a .gdb file, so there's no issue with "create" "overwrite"
No worries, that was a red herring anyway. I was wrong in saying that it
could overwrite under some versions. Unfortunately my correction seems
to have gone awol, but Helen kindly pointed out my error.

> the fbk file is 7.3 gigs.
Fairly big.

> there's 151 gigs free

> it's win7 64 bit.
> that drive is ntfs.
Which can cope with bigger than 4Gb files with no problems. Unless, of
course, you are using 32 bit Firebird but that's unlikely to be the case
as you created the fbk with the same version.

Ok, I'm mainly a Unix person, not so hot on Windows, but in Unix, the
firebird user has to have permissions to write to the directory/folder
where the new database is to be created. Would that be a problem with
your setup?

I imagine that the error would not bother to mention the page size
though, even in that case. It could be wroth checking - try a metadata
only backup to the same folder as the one you are trying to create the
new database in. (I'm just thinking out loud here!)

Did you find anything of use on the thread I pointed you at in my
original reply?


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