Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak -c error of "size specificatation"
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:10 PM 15/05/2012, Norman Dunbar wrote:

>> so, i:
>> gbak -c aaa.fbk aaa.gdb
>> i have move the fbk file into another folder and the aaa.gdb file doesn't exist there.
>> but i can't get it to "create" the GDB?
>Do you, by any chance, have an entry in aliases.conf for "aaa.gdb"? If
>so, you are most likely overwriting the original database. Although, if
>I remember correctly, that depends on your version of Firebird.

No, gbak -c would never overwrite a database, in any version of Firebird. It would simply refuse to create the new database if it already exists.

>> error: size specification either missing or incorrect for file aaa.gdb
>Are you creating, or attempting to, a bigger than 4 GB database on a
>FAT32 fie system?

I suspect this might be the case, too. On FAT32, if the database would be larger than 4 GB, gbak would look for primary and secondary file specifications in the gbak -c command and, in this example, find them missing.

Another possibility is that the destination space might be too small to accommodate the database.