Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak -c error of "size specificatation"
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Kelly,

> gbak -b aaa.gdb aaa.fbk
> creates a .fbk database file.
> i assume this is a "backup file" and i cannot use it as a database file?
A correct assumption, yes. The file is indeed a database backup and not
a database.

> so, i:
> gbak -c aaa.fbk aaa.gdb
> i have move the fbk file into another folder and the aaa.gdb file doesn't exist there.
> but i can't get it to "create" the GDB?

Do you, by any chance, have an entry in aliases.conf for "aaa.gdb"? If
so, you are most likely overwriting the original database. Although, if
I remember correctly, that depends on your version of Firebird.

> error: size specification either missing or incorrect for file aaa.gdb
Are you creating, or attempting to, a bigger than 4 GB database on a
FAT32 fie system?

There's a thread here which
discusses this error message - although the thread title is for a
different query, someone hijacked the original thread.



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