Subject Slow Commit
Author aalliana

I'm trying to upgrade a box running ubuntu + firebird that has been running for a while.

The old box has Ubuntu 8.04 + firebird 2.1.1 SS running on dual core hardware.
The new box has Ubuntu 10.04 + firebird 2.1.4 SS running on a 8 core hareware.

I undestand that there are too many variables involved, but is hard to maintain all systems the same to perform the tests.

After performing many tests using a profiler, I arrived to the conclusion that the commits take a lot longer on the new hardware configuration. Everything is running faster but commiting takes longer.

The hard disk hardware is better, a 7200 RMP SATA drive.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

PS: On the new hardware, I first installed firebird 2.1.4 Classic, because of lousy performance I changed it to SS.

Thanks in advance.