Subject In Firebird what table contains the email address?
Author kissthegirlsandmakethemcry
In Firebird what table contains the email address?

I'm currently do a select statement, but I can't seem to find the email address.

Here is my current select statement:
SELECT, so.num AS sonumber, so.customercontact, so.shiptoname, so.shiptoaddress, so.shiptocity, so.cost, stateconst.code, so.shiptozip, countryconst.abbreviation,,carrier.description,shipcarton.freightweight, as shipcartionid, shipcarton.cartonnum, customercontactview.contactnum FROM so
LEFT JOIN countryconst ON so.shiptocountryid =
LEFT JOIN stateconst ON
LEFT JOIN carrier ON so.carrierid =
LEFT JOIN shipcarton ON = shipcarton.orderid
LEFT JOIN customercontactview ON so.customerid=customercontactview.custid

I've looked in various tables and cannot seem to find it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!