Subject Firebird FDB-filesize too Big
Hallo there,

i have a strange problem, i do not know how to solve ist.


The Database filesize on disk is about 18 GB. Backup/Restore do NOT lower the filezise. The Database statistics says the sum(Table) Filesize is about 3,7 GB. Where does the difference comes?!

I think i located the table where does the problems come.
I have made a restore and similar take a look to the filesize of the Database during this restore. There is one table called "Maila" where the database filesize "explodes" during write (about 12 GB of 360000 datasets).

If i make a metadata extraction of this database, and a script exctraction of this table,write this script into the empty database, then its only 1 GB Filezise.

Who can explain me what happend here? Because 18 GB ist about 5 times too big!

thanks in advance.