Subject Help needed wit a Select ... Group By
Author Nols Smit

I have a case where I extract data with the following SQL:

Select Gender_Name, Race_Name, Fop_Name, count(ID) as Number_2008_2009 from V_Register_Fop
where RegStatus_ID = 1 and Register_RegDate >= '01.04.2008' and Register_RegDate <= '01.04.2009'
group by Gender_Name, Race_Name, Fop_Name

But then I have to execute the SQL again for the next bookyear up to the current one.

Is it posible to create one SQL select statement where I can have the result as:

GENDER_NAME, RACE_NAME, FOP_NAME, NUMBER_2008_2009, NUMBER_2009_2010, NUMBER_2010_2011, NUMBER_2011_2012


Nols Smit

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