Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to Setup an ODBC Connection on Remote Windows Server
Author Mercea Paul
On 2012.04.13 10:25 PM, Craig Cox wrote:
> I have installed the latest 64-bit Firebird ODBC driver on a Windows
> 2008 R2 Server. My target database resides on this box as well. I have
> configured and tested the DNS connection on the server and it all
> works as expected.
> Right now I have to set up and configure each remote user with their
> own ODBC connection. This will require a lot of overhead in the
> future. Shouldn't I be able to administer the ODBC from one place on
> the server to effect the server globally?
You should save the odbc connection as a system connection to be shared
for all users, not user connection. this is ok if all users are using
this computer.
Think how you will configure connection for users from other computers
... if exists this scenario, you will configure connection for each


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