Subject ODBC driver connect to FB 2.0 but not FB2.5
Author kokok_kokok
I am running with 2 Firebirds, FB 2.0 in the 3050 port and FB2.5 in the 3051 port.
When I create a ODBC connection, in the database path of the ODBC 2.0 driver I use:


It works fine and it connects to FB 2.0

When I use MYSERVER/3051:D:\DataBases\MyDatabase.fdb, I get open database failed error.

However, using IBExpert or any other tool, I can connect to MYSERVER/3051 D:\DataBases\MyDatabase.fdb

I am 100% sure that FB 2.5 is working fine in the 3051 port, I can check it.

The fbclient.dll client is 2.5.1 version.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you