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All tables are TIBDataset , all have DataSource , all placed on a TDataModule (named dm).

I use forms with simple TDBEdit, TDBComboBox etc components.

I Open these tables whenever needed in the program and input/output values, usually close after.

I use TIBQuery and TIBSQL components :

procedure Tproduse_form.btnDaClick(Sender: TObject);
my_ibquery := TIBQuery.Create(nil);
my_ibSQL := TIBSQL.Create(nil);
my_ibquery.Database := dm.database;
my_ibSQL.Database := dm.database;



can it be that somewhere I forgot to FreeAndNil a query ?

not montitoring, nothing special.

Also I use TQReport - but based on TIBQuery .

Usually I use TransCommit. And , of course, if I stop the program, I use Commit.

All the graphical stuff is connected to TIBDataset, (TIBDataset.Post, TIBDataset.Cancel , TIBDataset.Insert) etc .


From: Dmitry Kuzmenko
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2012 4:09 PM
Subject: Re: [firebird-support] OIT / NT

Hello, Tiberiu!

TH> Nothing special. The same app, with the same database,
TH> the same amount of activity, works correctly for the same company ,
TH> from a different location. No bulk data, nu threads ...

Well, can you be more specific? For example,
your application just wait for user input, and then commits data,
or it is monitoring something by itself, or ...?

Since you are using IBX, I hope all transactions are explicit,
and there are no code that uses implicit transaction start and commit.

TH> I am wondering if maybe some troyan sends spam packets
TH> to the server, from this system, on port 3050.

It can't be. Consider that only your application generates
Use FBScanner, FBTraceManager, or audit in FB 2.5 - any of these - to
understand what your application is doing.

Dmitry Kuzmenko,

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