Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GSEC error..Invalid Switch
Author Norman Dunbar
Evening Michael,

> No offense was you said, there is never enough documentation.
Oh dear, my sense of humour gets me in trouble again!

There was never any offence taken, trust me, I'm not one to be offended
by anything, and I certainly wasn't having a go at you either. I
apologise to you now. Sorry. I thought I'd put a smiley in, but maybe not.

I'm happy for people to point out errors, omissions and places in my
manuals where something is not easily understood. I consider it a fault
of mine if I can't explain something properly and understandably. Please
feel free to "give me grief" anytime.

> With respect,
And indeed, I return your respect.

> Michael

PS. Hope you got your roles sorted out.

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