Subject Better configuration for a big machine
Author jsbriantes
I have to install a linux server for firebird with the next hardware:

Dual processor system with:
Express x3550 M3, Xeon 4C E5606 80W 2.13GHz/1066MHz/8MB,
Intel Xeon 4C Processor Model E5606 80W 2.13GHz/1066MHz/8MB W/Fan
32 GB PC3L-10600 CL9 ECC DDR3 1333MHz LP RDIMM
4 x 146G 15K 6Gbps 2,5 SlimHSHDD
Express ServeRAID M1000 Series Advance Feature Key

I will install Centos 6.2 64 bits and Firebird 2.5 64bits, but, what do you think is the better configuration for raid, partition, etc?

I think RAID 5 is not good for a database systema due to short write operations (bad for continuosly checksum calc) and page continuos read (that can't use distribution of data on raid 5 hdd).

I think two RAID1 is better. One RAID1 for "/" and "swap", and the other RAID1 for "/home" (where will be the database). It lets parallel writes/reads for systema a for datase simultaneously.

Swap of 32 GB (same as RAM) because if system goes to hybernation, to save all the ram on disk without need of additional files.

Some other configurations? what do you think? Thanks in advance.