Subject AW: [firebird-support] Question about better performance Query
Author Olaf Kluge
Hello Set,

the picture-path can be the status 1 (inserted), status 5 (storage-time has
expired and picture can be deleted) and status 6 (release to delete). A
NIO-Ray-image will be deleted after 2 month, a IO-ray-image after 72 hours.
If all pictures are deleted, I can delete the entire folder (no more
pictures in it).

Now, your query takes 2 minutes before I get the result. We are using
firebird 2.5 cs on server 2008 new version an a lot of cpu and ram-power.

Should I send a test-db? I'm confused. The duration of the execution has
grown with the database size.

Thanks foru your help.

Best regards.


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