Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: fb_inet_server.exe -h switch?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello Dmitry,

>> OK, but I don't have the @M part.
> Your FB version is not 2.5 then.
>> Still wondering what the first figure after -h means.
> Socket handle this worker process is working with.
>> I've always thought it was unique for each connection/process, but this
>> time I had 492 for four processes and 484 for two of them.
> Yes, it's expected to be unique. If it's duplicated, this could mean a
> zombie process for an already closed port that has its socket handle
> reused for another connection. Just a guess.

FWIW: Simple test case on a freshly restarted Win 7 with FB 2.5.2
Snapshot 64-bit Classic running as a service. While the first two get
unique socket handles, the third is already duplicated. According to
Process Explorer, I end up with the following:

-i -h 560@1512
-i -h 552@1512
-i -h 560@1512

Don't know if this can cause any troubles. ;-)

With regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer (^TS^)
Firebird Technology Evangelist

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