Subject Garbage collection performance issues ????
Author Robert martin

We have noticed performance issues on a machine running a web service
connected to a FB 2.5 database. On a brand new machine (to rule out
computer problems) everything worked fine for the first few hours,
however after deleting a large number of records our performance issues
surfaced. Instead of a process starting for each connection, running
for a few seconds, then completing (closing) the transactions open and
sit idle for a long period of time before processing.

Alter doing a backup and restore the database changed from 1.9GB to
560MB. Restarting the web server and everything is working great again.

My suspicion is that this is related to garbage collection. Does this
sound likely?

We are using the FB 2.5, superclasic with default garbage collection
settings. What changes would people recommend?

I am considering turning off garbage collection and scheduling it to be
manually run late at night. This would work fine for this system but
may not suit other users.

Machine is Win7-64 Quad core I7 with 8GB RAM running Apache.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.