Subject Install firebird2.1-super without dpkg-reconfigure on ubuntu 10.04.3
Author Sebastian Schön
I want to install firebird2.1-super via chef from opscode. Therefore I want to use:

debconf-set-selections /var/cache/firebird/firebird-server.seed

In the file firebird-server.seed:
firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/sysdba_password/first_install password qwerty
firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/server_in_use error
firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/purge_databases boolean false
firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/enabled boolean true
firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/purge_security boolean false

But it didn´t work. I´ve always to

dpkg-reconfigure firebird1.2-super

To start the server the first time. How can I configure the install of Firebird to start without dpkg-reconfigure?