Subject Re: [firebird-support] FDB networking
Author Marc Gilels
He cries every time I fire him. He has completed about 50% of the project and has been paid a ton.
He claims I am testing it wrong , but somehow always introduces a new release that corrected
something I was doing wrong......see my problem?
If there are any programmers out there that would like to interview for this position,
you do not have to be in NY.
We produce medical imaging devices and this software provides patient database, Image utility
and a few other features.....some even work.

Thank you

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On 3/15/12 5:22 PM, Marc Gilels wrote:
> It will be interesting
> to see since he indicated that it should connect the same way Access did, with
> full permissions and a path to the server FDB.
That does not sound correct to me. While it is theoretically possible,
it would be a severely twisted way for the application to work. Not
normal at all.

What I don't get is why the authors of the program did not supply
specific instructions for installing and configuring the application. I
would expect those instructions to cover all of this. Furthermore, are
they not available for consultation? If not, it's another strangeness.

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