Subject Understanding memory usage in classic server
Author Jesus Garcia
Hello, i'm trying to understand the memory usage with classic server 2.5.2,
cache pages 300.

Our production database, once one form is opened, uses 120000 Kb memory,
and the memory is allocated the first time a form that open a set of tables
that is related with many other tables in the database with triggers. I
think the memory allocation is for metadata, because just preparing the
querys, the memory consumption increases.

Once that table is opened, the memory usage for fb_inet_server is between
120000 Kb and 130000 Kb. That makes the memory consumption for 150 users
around 20-24 Gb.

I close the form, the transaction and the tables, and the memory
consumption is the same, but after some minutes i see that the memory
consumption decreases and uses between 8 and 15 Mb. After that if i reopen
again the form that opens the tables that makes fb_inet_server uses a lot
of memory, then the memory consumption in fb_inet_server is between 20 Mb
and 30 Mb, what i see normal.

How works the memory allocation in fb_inet_server? is there any way to
avoid that high memory consumption or force free unused memory, that i
think is allocated for load metadata?

Regards, Jesus

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