Subject FbBackup Holding File Open
Author Steve Harp
Hi Guys,

I'm using C# with Firebird v2.51 and FirebirdClient v2.7. I'm creating a
backup with FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbBackup and the resulting Fbk file
appears to be valid. However, when I then try to add the resulting fbk file
to a zip archive (using DotNetZip), I get an error "The process cannot
access the file 'xxxxx.Fbk' because it is being used by another process.".
This error is thrown by DotNetZip when I execute the Save() method.

Why would the file be in use when the FbBackup object is out of scope in
another method?

Is there a way to resolve this and force FbBackup to close the backup file?

I've tried forcing garbage collection (GC.Collect()) and this had no effect.

My backup code is fairly straight forward.

private void BackItUp(string backupFile)


FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbBackup backup = new

backup.ConnectionString = GetConnectionString();

FirebirdSql.Data.Services.FbBackupFile(backupFile, this.m_PageSize)); //

backup.Verbose = false;

backup.Options = FbBackupFlags.IgnoreLimbo;

backup.ServiceOutput += FirebirdServiceOutput;



Thanks for any help.

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