Subject Re: Newbie questions regarding FB Embedded
Author cniggeler

Thank you for your reply. One clarification to this:
> Firebird has embedded versions for most Linux and Unix systems.

The manual states, "Under Linux, you always need a properly installed server, be it Classic or Super". To me, this means,
a) it can't be installed without user intervention,
b) it will be hard to control from the application (i.e., it will be "always on" consuming system resources as the application may not have privileges to stop it),
c) root access is required, at least according to the manual, which means additional personnel and IT approval overhead, and
d) since Windows is "SuperClassic" and *nix embedded is "Classic", we will have to manage two different procedures at our end.

That's why I was wondering if/when the behavior of *nix embedded and that of Windows embedded will be the same, or even it's possible.