Subject Re: [firebird-support] Newbie questions regarding FB Embedded
Author Ann Harrison
On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 12:30 PM, cniggeler <cniggeler@...> wrote:

> But it may be that the Windows embedded Firebird engine will do what we
> need without service/ resource issues - message #42825 seems to indicate so.
> My questions are -
> 1. Does Windows embedded simply start/stop whenever a query is presented
> to its database (e.g., using Firebird's iSQL command line queries)?

While your application maintains a connection to the database, Firebird
embedded keeps the database file open, but it only runs when you're running
a query.

> 2. If so, are there significant delay times as the engine starts/ stops?
> One can envision integrity checks, garbage collection, and other such
> background activities.

There's some cost to opening a connection (opening the file, reading
metadata), but queries on an open connection won't have a significant delay
(give or take the complexity of the query).

> 3. What is the linkage between the application query and the starting of
> the embedded engine? It does not appear as if there's the equivalent of a
> net start, for instance.

You open a connection to the database which causes the embedded code to
open the file.

> 4. Since we support Linux and most flavors of Unix as well: what are the
> plans for an equivalent engine outside of Windows? I'm thinking here of
> avoiding issues with installing a daemon on those platforms (user may not
> have root privilege) and running all the time even though the service is
> just required during the time we're gathering/ processing our data...

Firebird has embedded versions for most Linux and Unix systems.

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