Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem of a newbie - Error 3355434...BLR...
Author Ann Harrison
On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 3:44 PM, gigi_la_trottola <gigi_la_trottola@...
> wrote:

> So now comes my problem, from the 3 computers I can access to the server
> and the connection with database start properly, but after few seconds I
> get the 3355434 error (BLR something something) and I cannot do anything.

Could you give us the message text? The numeric code is not easy to check
because the message file is not text and the text files just have the
message offset from a predefined starting point. Firebird is the open
source version of InterBase. InterBase was written to be compatible at the
call interface with the DEC Rdb databases, so it used the same message
codes. DEC divided the error message space of its VAX products, giving
each a distinct header - in hex. That's why the message numbers are so
very strange. Of course, in the source, Firebird keeps only the offset -
not the header.

Good luck,


P.S. Your problem is almost certainly in the method you used to copy the
database. Use gbak to backup the good database and restore it where you
want it. Still, knowing what message you got would help.

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