Subject Re: Problem of a newbie - Error 3355434...BLR...
Author gigi_la_trottola
Thanks for the reply.

What I usually do in all the tests I conducted was:

turn off Firebird server on the SERVER computer
turn off my program on the CLIENT computer
Copy the database to the SERVER with a normal copy from a usb drive.
turn on firebird server on the SERVER computer
Launch my program on the CLIENT computer

during launch I can see a progress bar in my program so I know when the connection is working or not, and when it reaches around 60% I get the error

I'm the only one using the program since I'm setting up the system and in evey moment there is only one CLIENT computer trying to connect to the SERVER with firebird.

So I'm sure there are no other open connections.

Of course the version of firebird server is identical in all the computer to be pricise: v2.1.3.18185.

Thanks for the help, a lot!

my best


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> What method used to move database file ?
> copy file with OS command is good method only if you stop Firebird. If not you have to use backup/restore method.
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm very new to firebird, I bought a program that uses firebird database.
> > I had installed it on my computer and everything works fine, then after some weeks of use I wanted to move the database to my laboratory server so I can access to it from 3 different computers.
> > So now comes my problem, from the 3 computers I can access to the server and the connection with database start properly, but after few seconds I get the 3355434 error (BLR something something) and I cannot do anything.
> > At this point if I compare the .fdb file with the one in the backup there are few bytes changed and if I move it from the server to the local computer (as it was originally) nothing works anymore.
> > I've tested 2 different servers and tried the connection from any possible computer I have but the error always happen.
> > Can anybody help me? PLEASE
> >
> > my very best to everybody
> >
> > G
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