Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem of a newbie - Error 3355434...BLR...
Author Kjell Rilbe
Den 2012-11-23 21:44 skrev gigi_la_trottola såhär:
> Hi,
> I'm very new to firebird, I bought a program that uses firebird database.
> I had installed it on my computer and everything works fine, then
> after some weeks of use I wanted to move the database to my laboratory
> server so I can access to it from 3 different computers.
> So now comes my problem, from the 3 computers I can access to the
> server and the connection with database start properly, but after few
> seconds I get the 3355434 error (BLR something something) and I cannot
> do anything.
> At this point if I compare the .fdb file with the one in the backup
> there are few bytes changed and if I move it from the server to the
> local computer (as it was originally) nothing works anymore.
> I've tested 2 different servers and tried the connection from any
> possible computer I have but the error always happen.
> Can anybody help me? PLEASE

If there's ANY open connection to the database, Firebird will have the
database file open and might be writing to it at any time. This means
that if ANY user is using your application (there's a connection), you
shouldn't touch the database file in any way whatsoever.

To make a copy/move, you need to first make sure ALL connections to it
are closed and that noone can open a new connection during the
copy/move. Best would be to stop the Firebird services/daemons
(depending on SS/CS/SC).

Once you're certain there's no connection and no risk of new
connections, you can copy/move the database file like any other file.

Then it should work to just open everything for regular use at the new
location, assuming the new computer has the same Firebird server version
installed, or a newer one. I.e. a newer Firebird server version supports
database files from older servers, but not vice versa.

A less error prone way to do this might be a backup (gbak) at the
original location and a restore (also gbak) at the new location. With
that approach you don't have to worry about server versions and/or
active connections.


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