Subject Index Corruption Firebird 1.5
Author rddymanohar
Recently we have started noticing problems at many of our customers
where the index on certain tables are either corrupted or inactive.
These are three different scenarios that we have and I hope you can give
me some info on what is causing this.
1. Index's are in the inactive state.2. Index whose definition was
changed and also in inactive state.3. Indexes are active but the select
using that index was not returning any results but once we inactivate
and reactivate the indexes it starts to work properly.
We are using Firebird and IBO components. We do a background
process at night to inactivate and reactivate all indexes but this
hasn't really helped the cause. We have checked to make sure that no
person is playing with the database and causing this issue and its
something in the program or some other factor which is causing this
issue. We have checked the code around the tables where these problems
exist and couldn't find anything that could cause the problem.
I hope that some of you can let me know what to look for to fix this

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