Subject Re: Changing Charset only Pumping ?
Author patrick_marten

> no, only pump. unicode uses up to 4 bytes per character.
> Charset NONE uses only 1 byte per character.
> So, field char/varchar(20) can store 20 characters for NONE,
> and from 20 to 5 characters for UTF8, depending on how much bytes
> each character have.
> Thus, you may need to increase your character fields size.

Is that really the case?
Shouldn't the length remain the same and "just" the size of the database become larger?

I mean "z" is a character and "й" is a character. They just require different size when being stored.

In a varchar(100) field I can put


but also this:

the length of both is 100. Notepad++ says "selected: 100" for the first string and "selected: 190" for the second one. This is related to bytes. The size of "й" is 2, the size of "_" is 1.

According to the quote above I wouldn't be able to put that many of that character "й" into this varchar(100) field, right? But I am...

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