Subject Re: [firebird-support] result to file
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Hugo,

On 15/11/12 23:02, hugo.larson wrote:
> Is there any way to execute with isql query and send result to a file without any headers whatsoever?
> Im using FB 1.5.3

I'm not sure about 1.5 but this works on 2.5 with the employee database:

SQL> -- Turn headings off.
SQL> set heading;

SQL> -- Direct output to a file.
SQL> output myfile.txt;

SQL> -- Run query.
SQL> select * from department;
SQL> commit;

SQL> -- Redirect all further output to the screen.
SQL> output;

SQL> -- Put headings back on again.
SQL> set heading;

Watch out though, if the output file exists, it will be appended to, not



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