Subject Help, connecting Firebird on CentOs 6.3
Author trskopo
Hi all,

I have installed Firebird 2.5.2(64bit) Superserver on CentOS 6.3 (64 bit).

This CentOs server running on Virtual Box as a guest system. Host system is Win 7 64 bit.

I can ping server's ip address but failed to connect to Firebird via flamerobin installed on Win 7.

I got an error message : 'Unable to complete network request to host xxx. Failed to establish a connection'

I have check that firebird server is running and listening on port 3050 on CentOs. (using command via terminal-> ps aux|grep fbserver and netstat -an | grep 3050).

Firewall on CentOS also disabled.

Did I miss something here?

Thanks and regards,