Subject FB 2.5.1: Embedded Server (Windows) on 32-bit systems
Author patrick_marten

in "Firebird-2.5-QuickStart.pdf" I've found this:

[...]Windows Embedded now contains a SuperClassic instead of a SuperServer engine. File locks are shared, so a database can be accessed by one or more Embedded servers and a regular Classic or SuperClassic server at the same time.[...]

One page above that I've found this:
[...]If you're not sure which is best for you, SuperClassic may be a good pick on 64-bit systems. Make sure you install the 64-bits version, though. On 32-bits systems, SuperClassic will be the first to run out of memory under high load. Superserver, with its shared cache space, and Classic, with its separate processes, perform better there.[...]

1. Does that mean, that Embedded Server on 32-bit systems will / might cause problems because it contains the SuperClassic engine?

2. If yes: is there a way to change the Server model for the embedded server?

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