Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using FB another port than 3050
Author Josef KokeŇ°
Dne 25.1.2012 12:17, bennie_coetzer napsal(a):
> Hi, I am still battling with FB on another port. I have changed the
> firebird.conf file to use port 3051. This seems to work as the port is
> actively monitored when FB runs and not when it is stopped.I then used
> FlameRobin and created a host (LocalFB) on port 3051. When trying to
> create a database in this host I get the following error
> IBPP::SQLExceptionContext: Database::CreateMessage:
> isc_dsql_execute_immediate failed
> SQL Message: -902Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that
> precludes successful execution of subsequent statements
> Engine Code: 335544721Engine Message:Unable to complete network request
> to host "LocalFB".Failed to locate host machine.
> However, when I create the database with the default LocalHost Server
> (No port is specified) it is successful. Does the unspecified port
> indicate that it will use the port as specified in the firebird.conf
> file or the default 3050.
> RegardsBennie

What does your connection string look like? Remember that on Windows at
least you need to use something like this: