Subject Using FB another port than 3050
Author bennie_coetzer
Hi, I am still battling with FB on another port. I have changed the
firebird.conf file to use port 3051. This seems to work as the port is
actively monitored when FB runs and not when it is stopped.I then used
FlameRobin and created a host (LocalFB) on port 3051. When trying to
create a database in this host I get the following error
IBPP::SQLExceptionContext: Database::CreateMessage:
isc_dsql_execute_immediate failed
SQL Message: -902Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that
precludes successful execution of subsequent statements
Engine Code: 335544721Engine Message:Unable to complete network request
to host "LocalFB".Failed to locate host machine.
However, when I create the database with the default LocalHost Server
(No port is specified) it is successful. Does the unspecified port
indicate that it will use the port as specified in the firebird.conf
file or the default 3050.

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