Subject [OT] flamerobin 0.9.4 release
Author Ismael L. Donis Garcia
Excuse all for OT.

Will somebody be able to tell me if the answer of Michael Hieke is possible?

I don't understand. Then because is seen in Windows with ISO8859_1?
The same database if I open it with Flamerobin from Windows I see the
descriptions of the exceptions and if I open it from Linux not.

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> Am 30.09.2011 20:15, schrieb Ismael L. Donis Garcia:

>> In Debian not shows the descriptions of the exceptions when these have
>> accentuated letters with character set ISO8859_1.

> I don't think anything can be done about this. The problem squarely
> lies with Firebird, because the system table for exceptions
> RDB$EXCEPTIONS has the field RDB$EXCEPTION_NAME using the charset
> UNICDOE_FSS and the field RDB$MESSAGE using the charset NONE.

> The result of this is that exception message texts only work correctly
> if they don't contain any ASCII characters, or when the connection
> charset is the same as it was when the exception was created (or a
> different one with the same encoding of the characters in question).

> This can easily be checked in Windows too. Connect to a database with
> charset UTF-8 and create an exception:

> CREATE EXCEPTION "äöü" 'Test message ÄÖÜ ß';

> Then disconnect and reconnect with the connection charset set to for
> example WIN1252 or ISO8859_1. Browse the RDB$EXCEPTIONS table and you
> will see that the name is shown correctly while the message is not.

> Since it is impossible to say which connection charset was used when the
> exception was created (and since it is in a charset NONE column) there
> is no way for FlameRobin to do the correct charset conversion.

> Thanks

> Michael Hieke