Subject Running Interbase and FB 2.5.1 together
Author bennie_coetzer
I am busy converting from Interbase to Firebird but need to support the Interbase software at the same time. To achieve this I would like to run an IB server and a FB server simultaneously. I may want to read the data from the IB and write it into a FB DB. Please advise if I am on the right track
I have left my installion of IB as is ie gds32.dll and the listening port is 3050
I have installed FB and want to change its port to 3051.
Must I also change the remoteservicename to something else?
Where is the best place to keep the gds32.dll and fbclient.dll - in the System32 directory?
I am programming in Delphi and want to use DBExpress to access the DBs.
This does not allow creation of a DB, so I create a TIBConnection for creation with the fbclient.dll. Is this OK or are there better ways?

Hopefully you can clarify some of this for me.