Subject Re: [firebird-support] Sizing conversion project
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 21-1-2012 15:46, Milan Babuskov wrote:
> What programming language/libraries are used? It's easier to make a
> switch if you use Java application than if you use IBPP C++ library for
> example. Java might require a simple reconfiguration, while C++ would
> require rewrite of database access layer. If code is not properly
> decoupled from database access it can mean rewrite of large portions of
> the codebase.

Although switching between JDBC drivers and databases is relatively
easy, if you don't use an ORM or JPA-implementation like Hibernate or
EclipseLink, you will probably need to rewrite (some of) your queries.

And even if you use a JPA-implementation (or another ORM) you will need
to make some changes to account for differences in feature support.

Mark Rotteveel