Subject Re: [firebird-support] Sizing conversion project
Author Milan Babuskov
Rick Debay wrote:
> We are using Firebird and I've been tasked with determining the costs
> for migrating to MS SQL Server. The last time I used the latter was ten
> years ago, and in the role of a Java programmer.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for how to come up with rough time and
> cost estimates?

You mean "beside licensing cost"? That depends largely on your
applications and databases, so we would need more details:

Do you use some Firebird specific features like Events?

What programming language/libraries are used? It's easier to make a
switch if you use Java application than if you use IBPP C++ library for
example. Java might require a simple reconfiguration, while C++ would
require rewrite of database access layer. If code is not properly
decoupled from database access it can mean rewrite of large portions of
the codebase.

> Also, I'd like pointers to FB vs. SQL Server comparisons, so I add those
> to the analysis. Obviously if the benefits don't exceed the costs of
> the migration, it won't make sense.

As someone who migrated from MSSQL to FB, I'd like you to first tell us
why are you even considering going from rock-solid robust open source
database to a closed one which has similar performance and feature set?

Milan Babuskov

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