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> On 1/20/12 5:23 PM, Rick Debay wrote:
> > Obviously if the benefits don't exceed the costs of the migration, it
> > won't make sense.
> Seems to me there is nothing obvious about this question at all.
> I can see you being able to estimate the costs - increased licensing, required
> hardware, necessary labor, anticipated downtime, etc. But what benefits
> can there be that are able to be compared directly to those costs?

Then there is the "cost" of porting the FB functionality:

- the loss of row level triggers (SQL Server only support statement level triggers).
- the loss of SELECT * FROM SP
- the increased contention of readers vs. writers.


P.S. You are really asking in the wrong forum, you should really find someone who has done the move. No developer willingly moves from an existing/known solution -- look at all the COBOL application which are still running today.