Subject Re: [firebird-support] Migrating from MySQL to Firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
Go Green wrote:
> I have never used firebird and therefore wanted to know how it fits when compared to MySQL in terms of:

If you use MyISAM, then the answers are:

> ANSI SQL compliance

Firebird is much better.

> Triggers

Firebird is much better.

> Foreign Keys

Firebird is much better.

> Stored Procedures

Firebird is much better.

> High Availability

Firebird is much better, for example, you can do hot-backup while system
is running.

I can't tell about InnoDB, as I never used it myself. The only two
reasons I still use MySQL on some projects are:

1. speed

2. availability of transaction-less storage (MyISAM) which saves you
from having to backup/restore periodically to reset transaction counters

Note that 1. and 2. are related, MyISAM is much faster than Firebird
just because it has no transaction overhead.

Milan Babuskov

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