Subject RE: [firebird-support] MS Access ODBC to Firebird
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Thank you also.

I have made a connection directly through teh access db, using machine data
It appears to connec the table and opens repreatedly after ms Access is

It gives error 902 or 904 if I try to use a file data source.

So, progress, but uncertain!



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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] MS Access ODBC to Firebird

On 20-1-2012 11:03, Magnus Titho wrote:
> Peter M wrote:
>> I cannot get a result on the Test Connection. I have tried every
> syntax for
>> the db name, with no change.
>> Path is P:\AdminBase\Database\ADMINBASE32.GDB
> Is P: a local drive of the server or a mapped drive?
> Don't use mapped drives as pathnames!
Also regular troubleshooting steps:

In addition, try to see whether the FB server actually is running etc by
tasklist ==> & look for Firebird process
netstat -a to see if Firebird is listening; default port 3050
telnet myserver 3050 ==> or whatever the port is it is listening on

If it is not 3050, you'll have to specify the port in the ODBC setup.
There's a help file included with the odbc install which should explain how.

and try connecting using e.g. FlameRobin
to see if it is an ODBC problem or a Firebird/connectivity issue.


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