Subject What's the best choice?
Author W O
Hello everybody

I need to make an application that will be used by an accounting study.
They have too many clientes, so my question is:
- Is it better to have just one .FDB file and in each table add a column
"Company Name"? or ...
- Is it better to have a .FDB file for each Company?

If I have a .FDB file for each Company:
- Data will be separated, no chance to unintentionally merge them
- The backup will be more complicated, because they will need to make 150,
200, 300, or more backups
- It will be much more complicated to update the metadata, because they
will have 150, 200, 300 or more .FDB files

So, somebody had passed for a similar situation? What's your advice?

Thank you very much in advance.


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