Subject Time Field: Trouble updateing in FB 2.1 from Delphi 2007
Author homerjones1941
I've searched past posts, but haven't been able to find solution.

I have a Time FieldType in a FB 2.1 DB and have been unable to insert a time value into that field. I've tried the following (Note: I've resulted to hard coding the values to eliminate possible formatting issues caused by me):

FieldByName('AlarmTime').Value := '4:30:00 PM';
FieldByName('AlarmTime').Value := '11:30:00 PM';

Error message is '0.0 is not a valid Timestamp.'

If I omit the "PM" the error message is similar.
FieldByName('AlarmTime').Value := '4:30:00';

Error Message is '693594. -1073258496 is not a valid Timestamp.'

I've tried using TDateTime values with similar results.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance. Code example would be even better.

Thanks in advance.