Subject RE: [firebird-support] Migrating from MySQL to Firebird
Author Leyne, Sean
> I have never used firebird and therefore wanted to know how it fits when
> compared to MySQL in terms of:
> ANSI SQL compliance
> Triggers

Row level (not statement level) before and after insert, update and delete, as well as database level triggers.

> Foreign Keys
> Stored Procedures

In all these areas, Firebird has much stronger compliance and functionality.

> High Availability

At the moment, Firebird doesn't offer a HA solution, though there have been posts from people running FB on a Win2008 HA cluster.

> Few of the above may be missing from MySQL, but don't know how these
> things work in firebird. In case of single file db corruption, what are the
> chances of recovery?

Aside from hardware failure (disk subsystem), in my 18+ years of using Firebird/Interbase I have never run into any data loss -- we currently have 100+ client servers running FB with average database size of 15GB.