Subject Re: [firebird-support] Migrating from MySQL to Firebird
Author Lester Caine
Go Green wrote:
> I have never used firebird and therefore wanted to know how it fits when compared to MySQL in terms of:
> ANSI SQL compliance
> Triggers
> Foreign Keys
> Stored Procedures
> High Availability
> Few of the above may be missing from MySQL, but don't know how these things work in firebird. In case of single file db corruption, what are the chances of recovery?

Well since many of these developments are based on what Firebird was doing in
it's Interbase days, one could be asking "what has MySQL still got to port over
from Firebird" :)

The problem are IS SQL compliance ... Firebird follows many of the rules a lot
closer to the standard, but there are areas which are different such as for
example having all the different sies of text blob's ... Firebird just has one
... so mapping an existing MySQL schema to Firebird can be a little tricky. On
the whole though a migration is quite easy ... at the database level.

You mentioned .net, and its probably best asking on the .net lest about that
very few of us use that particular method of accessing the databaes :)

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