Subject unexpected item in service parameter block, expected isc_spb_sec_username error
I am getting the above error with isc_service_start (using fb2.51).
Can anyone please tell me why ?
// Attaches to service Ok
svc_handle := nil; fillchar(spb, sizeof(spb), #0); spb[0] :=
char(isc_spb_version); spbLen := 1; spb[1] :=
char(isc_spb_current_version); inc(spbLen); BuildSpbString(spb,
spbLen, isc_spb_user_name, 'SYSDBA'); BuildSpb String(spb, spbLen,
isc_spb_password, 'masterke'); ErrorCode :=
isc_service_attach(@Status_Vector, Length(Path), PChar(Path),
@svc_handle, spbLen, @spb);
// throws the error on the isc_service_start
fillchar(sab, sizeof(sab), #0); sab[0] :=
char(isc_action_svc_modify_user); spbLen := 1; BuildSpbString(sab,
sabLen, isc_spb_sec_username, 'SYSDBA'); BuildSpbString(sab, sabLen,
isc_spb_sec_password, 'newpass')); ErrorCode :=
isc_service_start(@Status_Vector, @svc_handle, nil, sabLen, @sab);

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