Subject Re: [firebird-support] Another incompatible query generation of provider
Author Lester Caine
Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote:
> MAC> Continuing what I've posted in another e-mail, the following code
> MAC> generates now an OUTER APPLY code that is not interpreted with Firebird.
> WHO or WHAT generates that code, and why do you speak about it here?
> Why you are not asking this "generator"'s support? Or, you want
> Firebird to support that strange code?

Just to fill in the gaps a little
OUTER APPLY is a creation of Microsoft for SQLServer and from what I can see it
fixes problems with their database that would not be present using a legal and
SQL standard INNER JOIN? provides a nice
explanation of where it is useful, and it would be interesting to do a
comparison with Firebird. I can't see a reason I would be designing a database
that way so I can see why it would not be something that has a pressing need in
Firebird. I'd design out the problem I think?

Returning to MAC's problem ... does the software you are trying to use actually
support any database other then SQLServer?

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