Subject Validation problem
Author Aldo Caruso

I'm using firebird 2.0 on Linux, Debian 5.0 distribution.
I tried to execute an update sql query from a client machine (
using flamerobin ) and I got a lock conflict message ( other users were
connected at the same time, perhaps updating the same records of the
same table ).
I rolled back, and tried again but the query lasted for ever. I
tried again and again, but the query still lasted for ever. I stopped
the server an restarted it, with the same result.

After this, I got exclusive access to the database and performed a
full validation (using gfix). The output message was:

"Summary of validation errors
Number of record level errors : 1"

I validated again and then no error was shown.

My question is: Should I assume that the error was corrected or
must I do a backup and restore to be sure ?
( I haven't still tried the update query again)

Thanks for any help,