Subject Conversion from SQL Server
Author todderamaa

I have a backup of a SQL Server Database (SQL Server 2008 R2). It is a large database.

I need to convert this data into a Firebird database.

I don't own any tools for SQL Server.

I have found a few tools that I can buy to pump the data from SQL Server to Firebird, but I need a SQL Server Database. I am guessing I need the SQL Server Engine installed as well.

So, I went to Microsofts website and downloaded some trial version of SQL Server 2008. I was able to find out how to restore the database, but get an error saying the database exceeds my licensed file size limit .

I don't want to spend a bunch of money on SQL Server only to restore the database and pump the data out of it.

Any help would be appreciated as to what tools I need to buy/install to do what I need.

Thanks in advance

Todd Brasseur
Compass Municipal Services Inc.