Subject firebird on mac - appstore
Author Peter Lee
Hello... the 'Firebird 2.1 on OSX Lion' thread raised a few questions
regarding the use of Firebird with applications deployed via the AppStore.

The rules regarding file locations and elevated privileges are rather
strict, you can basically write to these locations;


|~/Library/Application Support/<app-identifier>|





Has anybody had any success getting anything Firebird database opening
in ~/Library without modifying permissions, ACLs, ownership etc? I've
got something working in ~/Public/<blah> but you're not allowed to write

We are currently using Firebird 2.1.3 Classic as embedded, and deploying
within the application bundle. Apple aren't likely to be happy about
any writing into the bundle, which we don't do - but, the security
database lives in there as well and is opened for read / write. Is it
possible to locate this somewhere else?

We also get lock files created within the bundles. Can the location of
those be controlled via the firebird.conf file or FIREBIRD_TMP
environment variable?


Peter Lee

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